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Hello fellow writers and readers, welcome to my youtube channel! As evident from the title, this video will be about different strategies you can adopt to market your book.

Whether you are a published or a beginner writer, whether you write fiction or non-fiction, effective book marketing is essential to your book’s success. As an author, you need to know how to market your book and how to connect with your desired audience. Even Authors of the top 5 major publishing houses are expected to participate in the practice of marketing their books. If you do not plan the marketing of your book skilfully, you will lose your book at sea with hundreds of others, never to be found by the readers you wish to target.

And if your book has already been launched, you may start putting these marketing strategies into practice right away.

And if you haven’t published yet, you may start incorporating these concepts into your plan for launching your book.

Suppose you do not have a solid marketing plan. In that case, it is a huge possibility that you will lose yourself in fruitless tweeting, blogging, emailing, and running paid Ads. That is why it’s crucial to stick to a strategy, sometimes known as a “marketing plan,” where you monitor your work and assess its success.

If you feel like marketing is a hard nut to crack and not your area of expertise, don’t be scared because I have got you covered. In this video, I’ll explain several effective marketing strategies you can use to promote your book and connect with your readers. My aim is to simplify the book marketing process. So, if that is something you are interested in, make sure to watch this video until the very end and hit the subscribe button for more such content.

1. Social Media Book Marketing

Due to the prevalence of social media platforms, it is the perfect tool you can utilize to increase your readership and book sales. Whether you are traditionally or self-published, by using this modern marketing tool correctly, you can attract readers and amplify your sales. 

You can utilize numerous social media platforms to advertise your book. I will give you a brief run-down of the most popular ones.

  • Facebook. Create a Facebook page under your book’s author name or title. Start posting engaging content on the page to increase your page reach. You may run targetted Ads as well to reach your desired audience. Make sure that you link your websites or other profiles so people can get to know more about you and your book.
  • Instagram. As Instagram is famous for its visuals, so try to post attractive graphics on your Instagram. These can be excerpts from your book moulded into high-quality and captivating pictures. Utilize hashtags and ask your readers to do the same to make the most out of Instagram promotions.
  • Youtube. Don’t let the fear of the camera stop you from utilizing this platform. On your Youtube channel, share your writing journey, hardships and hindrances you faced along the way, and essential tidbits. This will help your readers to connect with you. Make sure you add a call to action at the end of each video to turn your viewers into fans and followers.

Dear readers and authors, you cannot start soon enough. So, the minute you start writing a book is really the time you should start connecting with your readers. Because it takes a while to develop trust on Social Media. So get started immediately and attempt to establish a human connection rather than just trying to sell them your book.

2. Create Your Author Website 

The second essential step in your book marketing journey is the presence of an author’s website. You must have your own personalized website if you are a self-published author. The ideal time to create a website is the time when you are still writing your manuscript. Make sure to hire a professional web developer. And try to make the theme of your website fit with the genre you are writing to captivate the audience.

Many established writers like Nora Roberts, Julie Jams, Scott Allan, and Elizabeth Gilbert have their own personalized websites that go fit with the mood of their books.

Now that you have an idea about an author’s website, the potent question is… how do you promote your book using the website?

Well, to answer your concern, let me tell you a few steps that you can follow to promote your book using an author-centred website.

  • Create blog content and make use of SEO-optimized content to draw an audience to your website. Content may include your writing journey, updates, and brief descriptions of your book. 
  • As a self-published author, email marketing is one of the effective strategies to promote your work. Grow your email list by using your author’s website.
  • Offer enticing incentives like giveaways or a signed copy of your book. Make sure that the incentives have a call to action. 

3. Bring audience from your Website and Social Media to your Newsletter

The next strategy is to take the audience from your website and Social Media to your Newsletter. Make sure that you drive them to your newsletter list with an incentive. The incentive can be a free pdf or a free checklist that you can give readers to sign up for your newsletter list. If you offer them anything which adds value to their life or they get entertained, you are strengthening your connection. It’s so important to nurture those connections that you have on Social Media and drive them to your newsletter list. For instance, if Social Media were to go away, you can use your newsletter list as the backup! 

4. Use Newsletter subscribers as the “launch team.”

Ask your newsletter list subscriber, “Hey. I am getting a group of people together for my book launch.” Tell them they will get an advanced copy of the book where they will read it ahead of time, and then when your release date comes, they can leave a review. It’s a great way to prompt early studies, get your community involved, and get that ball rolling very early after your release. 

5. Book Promotion Sites

Websites for book marketing are yet another fantastic tool for promoting your self-published books.

Both paid and free book advertising websites are available on the internet. Depending on their terms and conditions, these websites will assist you in increasing your visibility by displaying your book in front of thousands of users of that specific site.

Some great sites on the internet include BookBub, Digital Book Today, Free Booksy, Books Butterfly etc. 

In addition, on sites like BookBub, you can offer your book at a lower price for a limited amount of time to spread the word about your book and get in front of new readers and eyes. You can place discounts like these once in a while to maximize sales. 

So that’s it for today! 

I have recovered your book’s key marketing strategies in this video, but the real benefits will come when you start practising them and figuring out what works for you.

What works for one author may not always work for your genre, which is part of the marketing challenge.

Research has a role in this. Start looking for authors comparable to you in your niche, and take note of their strengths.

You’ll quickly have a decent idea of the strategies for your own book marketing. Additionally, you’ll be able to inventively use new methods!

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