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Italy’s best old-school Italian eateries. Everyone has a favorite in this city, which is full of them. Da Umberto is, except for us. Whatever the case, we’ve never seen the attraction of this eating for anything other than hosting your third cousins from wherever your third cousins come from. I suppose it’s because lunch at a restaurant like Il Mulino or John’s might at times seem like a tremendously expensive excuse to take a sleep. Jay Z has yet to ask us up to Rao’s, and we’re a little impatient for him to do so.

Da Umberto, a cult favorite of this sort, was just introduced to us. This is traditional Tuscan Italian fare, but we like it much more. There are no portraits of the proprietor with Chazz Palminteri at Da Umberto, unlike many other Little Italy and traditional New York Italian restaurants, making it a refreshing change of pace. Assuming you are going on a first/early in the game date with someone who likes red wine and truffles, it’s a pretty nice location, with dim lighting and a modern ambiance. It would be excellent for that. Da Umberto’s cuisine is robust and refreshingly focuses on high-quality ingredients, rather than crushed red pepper and “gravy,” to create an impact on diners. We were especially surprised by the polite Italian staff’s ability to avoid being too “attentive.”

A Food Countdown


Da Umberto, like many other old-school Italian restaurants, offers a wide variety of daily specials, much like many others. There will be at least a half-dozen items on your waiter’s menu before the main course arrives. Three of them, at the most, will stick with you. Keep your head up. We offer an arugula salad or asparagus as a vegetable/green choice depending on the season. Aside from that, the pasta on the daily specials menu is always top-notch. Make a point of getting something with truffles if you’re very rich.


Pasta made to order is the order of the day around here. We had a delicious ravioli made with butternut squash and delicately grilled. Because you’re not preparing to hibernate at this point, the portion sizes are reasonable. Any risotto they have on hand is a good option as well.


A decadent Pork Milanese covered the whole 10-inch platter and was wonderfully cooked. You could feed a party of four with only half of it, and you’d still have plenty left for sandwiches the following day. Be aware that the majority of the entrees are substantial in size before beginning to overindulge.


The best feature of this location? Cart with sweets and treats. Purchase a few.

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