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Grisha Yeager is Eren’s father, and in the Attack on Titan manga, he has a long, complicated history. Here, his story is told.

The story of Grisha Yeager’s past is important to both the manga and the anime of Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is a manga by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a world where monsters called Titans have killed off a lot of people. People who were still alive hid behind a walled city, but when the show started, the giants broke through the city’s outer wall, starting a new battle. Eren Yeager is the main character. He joins the Survey Corps to fight back against the Titans but, in the process, finds out shocking things about himself and the Titans.

Attack on Titan became very popular after it was turned into a great anime. The first season came out in 2013. The shocking violence and complicated story of the manga made it into the anime. From there, the series’ popularity only grew, leading to a two-part movie adaptation in Japan (which got mixed reviews), a number of video games, and even theme parks in Japan. Andy Muschietti, who directed IT, is attached to an English-language version of the property, but it’s not clear when it will go into production.

What to expect from the fourth season of Attack on Titan

The Attack on Titan anime will end after its fourth season, but if the manga is any indication, they may have to cut out a lot of complicated plots. At the end of season 3, Grisha’s books were found in the basement of Eren’s old house, which had been hinted at for a long time. Eren found out that the Titans are all related to a woman named Ymir Fritz. Ymir Fritz made a deal with unknown beings that turned her into the Founding Titan. Anyone with Titan power lives for thirteen years, and after she died, her powers were given to nine of her people, who are called Eldians. This led to a long time of war, during which Eldia tried to use the Titans to build a world-spanning empire that would crush any country that got in its way.

The Eldian’s eventually seized Marley, which was then the most powerful nation in the world. Attack on Titan showed that forces inside Marley made the different houses of Eldia fight each other and were able to capture seven Titans. Later, Eldian King Karl Fritz sent himself and his people to Paradis Island and built a huge walled city around them. In exchange for Marley leaving him alone, Fritz promised that his people would never start another war. The King also made sure no one could remember what life was like before the walls. Marley hurt the Eldians who didn’t make it to Paradis and forced them to live in ghettos. This is where the story of Grisha Yeager’s past starts to come out.

Grisha and his sister were born in a Marley ghetto with other Eldians. When they were young, they sneaked out to see a blimp. They were caught, and Grisha’s sister died because of it. Grisha joins the Eldian Restorationists when he grows up. They want to find the Founding Titan and use it to bring down Marley. He also marries Dina Fritz and has a son named Zeke. When Zeke turns seven, he gives his parents to the Marley government, which is a major turning point in Attack on Titan.

In Attack on Titan, Grisha Yeager, Dina, and the other restoration workers are taken to Paradis Island and turned into the mindless giants that roam the land. Grisha is the only one who made it out alive because one of the officers was a spy in Marley. He was called “The Owl,” and he gave Grisha the power of the Attack Titan. Grisha Yeager finally admits that he showed up at the city walls acting like he didn’t remember anything, and was let in. He starts a new life by getting married to Carla Yeager and having a son named Eren. At the same time, he plans to find the Founding Titan and use it against Marley, which is how the manga and anime start.

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