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This post will provide you with the fundamental facts about the ASG recovery and details on the Aug Recovers Scam.

Hello there, readers. Have you ever  contacted about the outstanding balance on your loan by them? A corporation is in the process of phoning a large number of recovery agents. ASG Recovers is the name of the business that we run. This sort of call is being placed on many individuals in the United Kingdom and the United States. According to the marketing conversation, the firm would assist individuals in paying off their debt for a small sum.


People being called by representatives from the company often find themselves harassed. When this happens, a great amount of people are insulted and know about the company. The people who get the calls also inquire about whether or not ASG Recovers is a scam.


How are People Getting Phone Calls That Are a Scam?

It is not only the calls themselves. The individuals are getting voicemails, SMS, and other types of communications. They are being sent to the recipients from a single source number. Most of the callers’ conversations were on financial matters, particularly the loan and the debt. The callers are also responsible for informing the recipients of the penalties that will occur if the debt is not paid.


The primary reason for this contact is because ASG is acting as a recovery agent on behalf of that loan department, and they are trying to get in touch with you. In addition, it states that the receivers are responsible for paying ten per cent of the entire sum if they go to the ASG website.


Is It a Scam, Aug Recovery?

Is this some con? Let’s investigate the firm to find out some important details about it.


Date of the Domain: The date of the domain’s inception is quite recent. The date is October 27th, 2021. Therefore, the domain date is just a half a year in the past.

Date of Expiration of Domain The domain’s expiration date is October 27th, 2022.

Contact Information According to the website, there is no information on how to get in touch with the company.

The website does not provide an address for the company.

Information Regarding the Owner: The identity of the domain’s owner may be pieced together.

Trust Score – There is room for improvement in the trust score. A trustworthiness rating of 8% has been assigned to it. That is the very lowest trust score possible.

Is Aug Recovers a legitimate business or just a scam?

The conversation that was just done may offer you an indication of how legitimate it is. Don’t be concerned; we will unearth a great deal of more information on its integrity.


Alexa Rating – The website in question has an Alexa ranking of 1,692,670.

Validation – We cannot get any validation reports about the website, which is a great disappointment. In this day and age, it is quite suspicious not to get authenticated information.

Regarding the safety of your data, we could not locate the HTTPS protocol. Even using the website is not a risk-free endeavour.

However, many individuals also accuse callers of being highly impulsive and using harsh language against callers. This is a common accusation. Is ASG Recovers A Trustworthy Business? I hope the specifics have helped you see that it is not a genuine offer.


Why Is Everyone Talking About the Company’s News?

To begin, the callers do not provide any information on the loan. Second, the website does not provide any particularly specific information. As a result, many individuals blamed both the website and the calls.



At long length, we are in a position to request that you do not take calls of this kind. You may also record the calls and transmit them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) so that they can provide you with more assistance in this matter. All of the material obtained from online sources was compiled by our team. In addition, we come across unfavourable news about the ASG and talk about the ASG Recovers Scam.

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