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The chess world is in awe of Mikhail “Misha” Osipov, a 4-year-old from Moscow. He had played Grandmasters at a young age and was well-known for his skill. However, the question remains whether Misha Osipov deserves the title “small grandmaster.” A true musical prodigy, then? Is he able to defeat his rival grandmasters in the real world?

This post will answer all of your questions. So, relax, and let’s get this party started.

A Brief Overview of the Game of Chess

During India’s Gupta Empire in the sixth century AD, the game of chess was perfected. Back then, the game was called Chaturanga. In Subandhu’s Vasavadatta, written about 500 AD, there is a mention of chess.

It became known as Satranj in Sassanid Persia in the seventh century AD. The Queen would only move one step in either direction in these primitive forms of chess. Slantingly, the bishop might also advance one level. Chess made its way to Europe through the Byzantine transmission in the eleventh century AD.


Around the year 1485, chess underwent a sea shift. The chess game as we know it today was popularized and still adheres to the same basic concepts. Eventually, some unknown inventor in Italy or Spain gave the two most vulnerable non-pawn pieces on the board—the Bishop and the Queen—new abilities similar to those seen in modern chess. China and Japan have similar pieces hundreds of years before the rest of the world. Sexist attitudes were prevalent in the early years of the twentieth century. It wasn’t long until the Queen surpassed the King in strength and used her resources to protect her monarch. The “Chess of the Mad Queen” was another name for it. Towards the close of the next century, chess began to expand throughout Europe.


Iosif Isaevich Osipov

In the chess realm, this Russian child is a genius. He’s good enough at chess to play. Many of the world’s top chess players have fallen to Misha. He initially beat other well-known players. Misha osipov faced off against Yuri Averbakh in a duel with Anatoly Karpov and came out on top. He has gained worldwide acclaim as a chess master.


Even though there is little information regarding Misha, to keep you informed, we do our best to compile as much as possible. Below, we’ll go through some of his most memorable performances and many of his many accolades.


It’s Anatoly Karpov vs. Misha Osipov

Misha has never performed on a large stage before. He was in front of a big crowd. At the age of three, Johnny made his televised debut. It was the best program ever. Channel One was the place to catch it. Anatoly Karpov, the former world champion who held the title from 1975 to 1985, was scheduled to play Misha during this period.



On the other hand, Misha seemed upbeat as he stood on stage. He warmly welcomed Anatoly. As a result, the game got underway.


Misha had 10 minutes on his clock since he was much younger than Anatoly. Anatoly had just two minutes. A total of fourteen movements have been made in the game. Anatoly had a pawn advantage against Misha.


Then a comical event occurred. Misha was invited to draw the game by Grandmaster Anatoly. On the other hand, Misha was adamant in his rejection of Anatoly’s offer. He went on to play some more.



Several additional moves were made. Sadly, Misha’s time on Earth was coming to a close. His timer ran out. Because Misha was beaten, Anatoly then advised Misha to accept the offer. He should draw the game. Realism regarding time was a suggestion from him to Misha.


Misha and Anatoly then exchanged pleasantries. His cheeks became heavy with sadness. He rose to his feet and addressed the crowd. The crowd was taken aback when they saw him face to face. Misha was overcome with emotion and could not hold back his emotions. He wailed and begged his mother for help. In an instant, his mother had rushed up to him and snatched her youngster from danger. She calmed her kid by holding him close in her arms.


Don’t ever stop trying.

Despite the humiliation, Misha returned to the podium and shook Anatoly’s hand with a smile on his face. Misha then analyzed a couple of checkmate dilemmas presented to him on a big overhead screen with Anatoly.


Yury Averbakh against Misha Osipov

The Ostankino Tower in Moscow hosted a chess party. There were many spectators there to see chess veterans Boris Spassky and Yuri Averbakh, Sergey Karjakin, and Russia’s emerging sensation, Misha Osipov.


On that occasion, Misha defeated Yuri Averbakh, one of the oldest chess grandmasters. This was the most exciting game of the night.


At the time, Averbakh was 95. Yuri’s memory and intellect were still at their peak at such a ripe old age. Because of his drastically reduced eyesight, he was nearly unable to see the board.


Despite Yuri’s mistakes, the fact that he could be tested by a 4-year-old was extremely remarkable.


Describe the path that led Misha Osipov to chess geniusdom.

Misha was fascinated by his father and grandfather’s chess games when he was barely two years old. After seeing this, the child was brought closer to his father and grandpa. They explained the rules of the game to him. When he first began to play, he did it that way. After a few months, father and grandpa began to lose to Misha. They didn’t seem like they would lose, but he did.


If so, who is Misha Osipov?

Even if a 3-year-old attempted to grasp the fundamentals of chess, it would be unheard of. Of course, Misha Osipov is neither a grandmaster nor even an elite player. However, he is now capable of defeating a large number of professional players at the club level. He has a good enough rating to be included in the top 20 American players under the age of seven. Except for Misha, none of these players are under 5.



So, Mikhail Misha Osipov is unquestionably a child of God. he is currently regarded as a rising star in the chess world because of his prowess. However, Misha’s abilities are extraordinary for a youngster his age, but chess is no less familiar to a child.

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