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The skins for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 are now spread over many Battle Pass sites, much as in prior seasons. Claiming a set quantity of awards or levelling up on your Battle Pass will unlock them for you.

You may unlock Toona Fish on the first page of the Season 8 Battle Pass.


This season’s skins often have alternative styles. Particularly Toona Fish has many personalization choices, but you’ll need to put in some effort to acquire them all.


By accumulating Rainbow Ink and Color Bottles, you may unlock more unique styles for your Toona Fish. These Fortnite Island collectable loots are dispersed over the island.


You must look for the correct Color Bottles if you want specific designs for your Toona Fish. Mount F8 is one location where you may find these bottles. Since the beginning of Chapter 2, this famed mountain has been the site of several trials.


But you may be asking where Mount F8 is because its name has been altered.


We’ll explain where to discover Mount F8 in Fortnite today.


Let’s begin straight now!



In Chapter 2: Season 8, where is Mount F8 located?

Since the beginning of Chapter 2, Mount F8 has been a prominent landmark. The name comes from the location, which is at coordinates F8. After Mount Kay, this icy peak is the highest point on Fortnite Island.

Just south of Misty Meadows lies Mount F8, where Chapter 2, Season 8, is located. West of Destined Dish is where it is located. This mountain is easy to see since there isn’t any vegetation growing on top.

Bottles of Mount F8 Color

Unless a particular objective tells them to get there, Mount F8 is not often a spot Fortnite players pay attention to. Players don’t spend time travelling to the mountain since it has no treasure or NPCs.


For this season, players that want the Stone Grey colour bottle may have to go to Mount F8.


A set of three Stone Grey bottles, which may be used to alter the Toona Fish skin, will be present on Mount F8’s surface. Colour Bottles and Toona Fish go hand in hand, much as the Kymera alien skin and Alien Artifacts from the previous season.


You must gather the required Color Bottles to unlock a colour and style if you want to personalize your Toona Fish.


Fornite Island has a total of 21 sets of colour bottles. But more are anticipated to appear in the subsequent releases. You may unlock the Stone Grey colour and the Love Ranger Toona Fish style by gathering the Color Bottles on Mount F8.


Initially Color Bottle:

Start your ascent of Mount F8 from its base. A red flag that is close to a tower needs to be seen. This section should include the first Stone Grey Color Bottle.


Second-color container:


Continue climbing until you reach the second red flag to acquire the second Color Bottle. On the left of the flag, the following Color Bottle needs to be.


Third-color container:


The last Stone Grey Color Bottle for Mount F8 may be found at the mountain’s summit if you go there in search of it.


This concludes our explanation of where to discover Mount F8 in Fortnite. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues in the comment box, and we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

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