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On December 15, 2005, Nona Dirksmeyer, a 19-year-old college student and aspiring beauty queen, was murdered in her Arkansas apartment.

Therefore, this blog article will discuss the Nona Dirksmeyer murder case.


I’m aware that you may be curious to discover Nona Dirksmeyer’s identity.


Student at Arkansas Tech University and former beauty pageant competitor, Nona Dirksmeyer. She had been a beauty queen and had a tragically short life when she was younger.

The man she was dating was called Kevin Jones. Because they were attending different institutions, they were both in a long-distance relationship.


The true tale so begins from this point.


In December 2005, Kevin, Nona’s lover, made the lengthy trip to Arkansas to spend one day with Nona. He couldn’t reach his mother on the phone, so his mother came with him to her apartment.

What do they see, then? It wasn’t very good.

When they arrived, they saw Nona’s body on the ground. Nona’s corpse was discovered that evening at her Russellville apartment. She had been killed by beating and stabbing.


It was terrible that the young beauty queen, who was just 19 years old, was forcefully removed from this world.


So, who murdered Nona is the question. Let’s examine this situation in detail.


Kevin was aware that Nona had planned on December 15. She informed him about BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters organization). He most likely had a strategy as well.


He agreed to go to the Christmas party with his mother, Janice, the school librarian.


Even though Nona hadn’t returned any of Kevin’s calls that afternoon, he worried

about Janice on the way to the party.


Ryan, a friend of his who lived nearby and worked in the neighborhood, was requested to check on Nona. When he knocked on the door, no one was present to answer it, despite Ryan informing him that the light in the upstairs room was on.


Kevin told Ryan they were meeting there as a result. When he arrived, Ryan was standing in front of Nona’s apartment.


They knocked on Nona’s door many times, but nobody responded. Kevin circled the back of the house to see whether the sliding door to Nona’s apartment was open.


On the floor of her apartment, Nona was swimming in a pool of blood while unclothed. Kevin rushed over to Janice and gave her a bear embrace as she spoke on the phone with the dispatcher.


Nona did not answer the question even though her eyes were closed when blood was splashed all over her face. When the cops arrived, they confirmed Nona’s demise.


It’s thought that the light’s base, discovered close to her body, struck her.


Police questioned Kevin about Nona’s death inquiry. He vehemently denied any wrongdoing when questioned and consented to take a polygraph.


He told investigators that he had seen Nona the previous evening and called her when he returned to Dover.


The next morning, he said, he was abruptly woken by the discovery of a text message from Nona on his phone.


Mark Frost oversaw the investigation into Kevin’s murder, even though the police thought he was the one who did it.


First-degree murder charges were not filed against him until March 31, 2006, several months after his arrest.


The town was abuzz at the moment with stories of Kevin’s imprisonment and Nona’s demise. Carol, Nona’s mother, was informed by the police that Kevin would be held accountable for her daughter’s death.


They told Nona that when he spotted the condom wrapper in her apartment, he was furious and killed her because he believed she was seeing someone else.


They believed Nona had staged the crime scene when they discovered his body.


However, he wasn’t the murderer. So who was the murderer?


Gary, who lived across the street from Nona and was on parole,


Gary had an explanation for the probe. This is supported by the fact that on December 15, he was out shopping with his mother when Nona was murdered.


Gary was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after Kevin was found not guilty.


Before fatally beating the victim, the prosecution claimed that he raped or attempted to rape Nona.


According to the court record, Gary’s DNA was discovered in the condom wrapper and matched Gary’s.