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Yelena is a devoted supporter of Sieg Jager and a member of the Exploration Battalion in Aot. According to Sieg’s directions, she was able to join Paradise Island after being a member of an ocean-based reconnaissance expedition toward the coasts of Paradise to prepare for a fresh mission to capture the island after the failure of Operation Paradise Island. She is one of the anti-Mahr Mercenaries committed to the cause of the Eldian people.


Yelena is a tall, intimidating lady in Aot with huge, light black eyes, short hair, and strong features. Her physique is androgynous, like the H and Zoe’s bodies. This enables her to pass as a male when she enters the Revelio.


Yelena comes from a military family in Aot and is devoted to her leader Sieg Jager. She is a cool, collected, orderly, and somewhat acidic individual. She is said to consider the Bestial giant God, unlike Mahrs, who sees him as a monster or a menace. God.


Yelena is a Mahr family member in Aot, like every other Mahr. She was a member of the Mahr Army and was angry over the country’s policies. Sieg Jager changed the course of her life when she met him. She praised him for rescuing the earth and joined Sieg Jager in creating history. She supposedly enrolled in the military after entirely rejecting her nation from that day on and claiming to be an unincorporated citizen of another nation.

In her fictitious world, she drew up her version of the mercenary Anti-Mahr force, which consisted of men and was real to the Mahr warriors. In front of any Mahr soldier who voiced even the slightest scepticism about their actions, she was not hesitant to get filthy by carrying out cruel killings.


Yelena appears as the lone character in the story and is a Mahr Soldier in this Aot Arc. He is a mystery figure to the reader. When she appears to address her fellow Mahr warriors, she is dressed in a uniform and a false beard. In actuality, under orders from Captain Magath, Jelena encourages Peak, Porco, and Sieg to join her just before the curtain is lifted during the big Ceremony (where Willy Teyber must declare war on the Elves who live on Paradise Island).

She instructs Sieg, Porco, and Peak to go to the Revelio camp gate and follow her while she is away from the general audience. Peak worries that she may have been in touch with them while they were there and asks her about her work, but Jelena terminates the conversation.

The fighter leaves quickly after being welcomed by the Panzer group, for which Peak works. Peak throws herself at the neck of one of her coworkers to embrace him in an apparent act of sympathy. Peak uses Jelena to contact her, and she is unaware that this is a ruse to ensure her safety.

Then Jelena summons her two soldiers to a building. Jelena already had a knife when Porco inquired where Captain Magath was, and she used it to cut a rope to release the trap door under Porco and Peak’s feet. In a few metres underground cave, the two giants are imprisoned. Climbing or changing into another person is a challenging way to get away. As she returns to Sieg, Jelena closes the doors behind her.

After Peak and Porco use Panzer’s assistance to escape the night trap, Eren has already changed into a titan. Panzer group. Peak urged him to follow them as he hugged his companion since she was uneasy with Jelena.

As a result, the titan Charrette, the titan Charrette, and the titan Machoire were able to engage in combat to defend their home countries. Because Jelena’s strategy didn’t work, they needed to be ready to protect themselves. It was also necessary for titan Machoire, the Bestial titan, to ensure she was not suspected of acting treacherously.

Live planned Sieg’s phoney assassination attempt so that Sieg’s Mahr army would think he had been killed. Sieg, however, is in the aerostat travelling toward Paradise Island as the Exploration Battalion retreats. Jelena is to his left. She is still wearing her artificial beard, according to Livai. She quips cynically in response, “It’s excellent for me.”

Peak, meantime, recalls her first encounter with Jelena. She tells Magath the tale of being one of the ship’s crew members who had taken a tour of the island three years earlier. The ship that Magath claimed was gone. Peak confirms that it is this individual. She felt a special appeal to him since Jelena is a war heroine who devoted her life to Sieg.

While Gaby and Falco are still being kept hostage aboard the airship, Jean confronts Jelena and accuses her of doing the activities that caused The Charrette and The Jaw. At this point, Jelena fully repents her error.

Yelena and her fellow Volunteers from Paradis offer the Garrison a supply of titan serums that they were able to get from Marley when they go back to Paradis. After receiving the serums, Dot Pixis orders his men to detain the Volunteers, revealing that Paradis isn’t yet ready to believe in Zeke and his friends. Yelena confidently says, “I think the Volunteers and the Eldians will soon dine at the same table.” She is unconcerned about having been misled.

After spending a few hours in seclusion, Pixis visits Yelena. Although she claims the view is magnificent, she cynically remarks that it would be nicer if her windows weren’t lined with bars. Before acknowledging Yelena’s seeming lengths to prove her dependability, Pixis concedes that Eldia owes the Volunteers for all they have done for them. Additionally, Pixis offers a report which suggests that Eren started acting illegally about 10 months ago when Yelena attended an event in the Trost District, which is close to his residence. The guard in command that day was Floch Forster, who was also detained for being a gang member that leaked details on Eren’s jail circumstances to the media, according to Pixis. Yelena is a little taken aback when Pixis settles down in the bedroom.

Yelena immediately acknowledges speaking with Eren and regrets not keeping the discussion private. She asserts that she talked to Eren to persuade him to do something that would compel the military to intervene, but Pixis maintains that it’s possible that she communicated with the army. She is charged with attempting to coerce Eren into serving Zeke’s agenda. However, Yelena is certain that she didn’t and was merely trying to see Eren understand him because of his special qualities as the founding titan and Zeke’s sibling. Yelena states that no other Volunteers were aware of her interaction with Eren and that her sole concern is what is best for Eldia. Pixis accuses her of lying as he expresses his continued scepticism.

Many of them join the Yeagerists once the military official realizes they accidentally ingested Zeke’s spinal fluid to save themselves from becoming titans. For this reason, Pixis is escorted to meet with Yelena and made to surrender her rights to the Yeagerists unconditionally.

Yelena begins by reminding Pixis of her promise to the army and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers that they will soon share a meal once again. She expresses her satisfaction that Pixis did not put up any fight to their group’s demands and consented to meet with her, but Pixis claims that he is only doing so because he is being coerced. He continues by saying that Marley’s oppressive regime was extremely similar to the Yeagerists’ method of recognizing Eldians who were the first to join their ranks.

Yelena seems unfazed by the resemblance, however. The world would be saved if it weren’t for the military’s prudish character, she says, turning to Pixis and reminding him that they weren’t willing to join the Volunteers in the first place. Yelena’s statement that unleashing the Colossus giants would only help rescue Paradis perplexes Pixis, but she refuses to explain her viewpoint. Instead, she turns away from Pixis and accuses him of having Zeke dead while announcing that she would hold her Eldians from Paradis accountable for their misdeeds.

She then goes to the cell holding the captured Survey Corps troops and expresses her sadness for being imprisoned again. Griez insults the memory of Sasha Blouse, which offends Yelena. She shoots him while calling him an island demon and a filthy w***. YELENA  retracts her accusations and decides to reveal the motivations behind the euthanasia plans as she pulls up an armchair. She begins to praise how Eren and Zeke will be seen as symbols for many years, and she is pleased to hear Armin express that what she said moved him to tears.

When a Yeagerist tells Yelena that someone managed to enter their ranks, Yelena is astonished. She is shocked to see Pieck and Gabi with Eren when they finally meet at the top of the tower. Yelena explains to Eren why he shouldn’t be able to trust Pieck as they are being led to the edge of the roof.

The ceiling begins to split as soon as Yelena tells the Yeagerists to be ready to fire if necessary, and Galliard’s Jaw giant emerges in front of them. When Yelena discovers a few little blimps from Marley have arrived at their destination, she is confused. Yelena compels Eren to shed his titanic form and flee to the underworld for protection. She asks that the Yeagerists army be used to defend Eren when he ignores her and pursues the Warriors.

Yelena and her fellow troops are astonished to see the battle’s tide quickly turning in Marley’s favour as they watch from their headquarters. She is astounded to watch the Warrior giants gradually defeating Eren and is thrilled to see Zeke show there to support Paradis’s soldiers. Yelena is ecstatic to see Zeke destroying the Marley airships and is riveted to the action as the recently freed Survey Corps troops come on the roof to engage in combat.

Yelena smiles and explains that Zeke had to overcome Hange and Levi to get to them, while Jean muses on Zeke’s motivation for visiting Shiganshina. She looks at Connie intently before smiling and pleading with them to help rescue Eren after hearing Armin allay Connie’s concerns and explain that they must cooperate with the Yeagerists to make the plot effective.

As the conflict rages on, Eren ultimately connects with Zeke and gives him full control over the Founding titan. Zeke then manifests a massive new titan body and awakens the Colossus titans tucked away behind the Walls to become the Rumbling. Yelena, wondering what is occurring, asks about Zeke’s whereabouts as Eren starts to get ready for his a**ault on the outside world. Zeke’s titans are engulfing the military command centre.

Yelena is perplexed as to why Zeke isn’t in control of his titans while the other Volunteers are in a frenzy. When the titans in their headquarters are murdered, Floch arrives on the scene and takes Yelena and the other volunteers into custody.

Yelena is sentenced to death since she knows about Zeke’s intention to slaughter the Eldians. Yelena sulkily refuses to provide any last remark when asked; Floch and Jean are ready to murder her together with Onyankopon. Before her punishment is carried out, however, Cart Titan kidnaps her together with Onyankopon and Jean. They are then transported to Hange, Levi, and Magath after being removed from the neighbourhood. Jean declares his decision to back Marley. When Yelena asks why she was invited to the gathering, Hange responds that Magath requested that she be brought to him.

Later that evening, Magath pleads with Yelena to reveal Eren’s first-stop location, saying she is the only one who could have given him entrance to the continent. With her unwillingness to provide knowledge that may help rescue her home, Yelena cannot a**ist Magath in a manner that perplexes everyone, and Pieck discovers that Yelena is indeed Marley. Yelena begins to remind the other Eldians and Marleyans that they have committed the same sins against one another to turn them against one another.

She talks about how Reiner Braun broke the Wall, leading to countless Eldians dying from being devoured by Titans. She then discusses how Annie Leonhart murdered several Survey Corps personnel before criticizing Armin and pointing out how a clever individual might use the Colossus giant to destroy the whole Marley naval harbour. After making a few remarks and seeing that the audience is not buying her case, she can get Jean’s attention by relating how Reiner and Annie killed Marco Bott, which led Jean to attack Reiner in a fit of wrath.

The gang travels to Paradis port the next day but finds it crowded with Yeagerists. According to Hange and Magath, surveying the port, Eren’s titans are probably already at Marley. Magath gets furious and tortures Yelena to find out where Eren is, breaking her arm. Yelena, shocked, decides to inform Magath where Eren is if he lets her go. Onyankopon creates an improvised sling for her arm in the meantime.

Yelena is placed on top of the Cart titan’s back and transported to Azumbito’s ship as they are ready to depart while the Armored, Female, and Survey Corp members battle the Yeagerists. She and the other passengers were astonished to see an unnamed Marleyan cruiser explode after Magath had departed to observe.

Yelena confesses that she had discussed the potential of the worldwide allied fleet as a military force with Eren when she first awakened due to her sickness. She was more afraid of the floating boats research facility at Fort Salta than this fleet itself. Yelena is convinced that Eren may choose to make this his next target to eliminate any potentially dangerous flying boats. She insists that everyone in the room agrees that Zeke’s euthanization plan was right in return for their participation, and Hange agrees.

Later, Yelena is led to a lifeboat by the other ship’s crew so that Falco may change into the Jaw titan.


He fought for her life during a naval battle, and she was the casualty of his struggle. After that meeting, she developed a reverent belief in her deity and killed all who did not agree with her without compassion.


She was charmed by him if she thought of him as an ally, albeit his allure was more subtle than Sieg’s. She cautioned Mahr not to endanger his life at the Battle of Shiganshina, indicating that she was uncertain of his motivations.


They had a generally good connection characterized by respect for one another. But even though Hansi was excluded from the army’s preparations for Jager’s destiny, Jelena thought lightly of his demise since she believed that doing so would pit her against Hansi.

Sascha Braun

She thought of her as an honourable young lady and claimed she was responsible for her, particularly after Gaby slew her. She may have murdered Griez for this reason after being repeatedly assaulted while away.


Jelena and the guy seemed to get along well. This, however, was only an effort to make a point. She was enraged at the guy because she knew the commander Pixis intended to have Sieg devoured. Once the guy had drunk the wine containing his spinal fluid, she was allowed to take the mask off.


She was an arrogant and hateful senior Mahr officer who labelled him a scumbag and refused to help him find Eren Jager even though he had betrayed him.


It sounds so fantastic to “save the world… What could be a more persuasive argument to support your cause? You quickly swallow whatever hatred you may have built up to this point as the glorious idea of saving billions of lives is so compelling. You look like that right now, in my view.

— Jelena addressed the coalition members who opposed the Great Death


The name Jelena originates from the Slavic language. The name Helene has a Slavic variation called Jelena.

It’s how “Yelena” is pronounced in Aot.

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